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Take up beekeeping

There are approximately 40,000 beekeepers in the UK who maintain over 200,000 colonies of honey bees; only around 300 are commercial beekeepers. 

It’s very easy to have a hive in your garden. There is a minimum amount of equipment, which you can buy either new or second hand. The best way of finding out is to contact your local beekeepers association who will, on joining, be very helpful and will teach you how to look after bees. 

The time commitment is about one hour ever two weeks, from mid-April to September, and then almost nothing in the rest of the months. From one hive you may yield 10-30kg of honey, but it is very variable, depending on the weather. 

One Plan Bee supporter says: “I hope you become a beekeeper as it is a very satisfying pastime!” 

So, if you’re really interested in helping bees, why not think about becoming an amateur beekeeper? For more information, advice and training, contact your nearest Beekeeping Association: 

You can also find out what The Co-operative is doing to support hives on farms.