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Bee friendly gardening

Tips for a bee-friendly garden

Reduce pesticide use in your garden by:
- introducing natural predators
 – by encouraging natural predators of any specific pest into the area, the pest in question will be controlled. Ladybirds, lacewings, frogs, hedgehogs and birds are all great at limiting numbers of garden pests such as aphids and slugs.
- hand-picking – although time consuming and intensive, removing areas of infestation by hand may be beneficial to the rest of the plot.
- water spraying – spraying with water or with a light soap solution has been used for some time to remove aphids and similar species from plants.
- companion planting – by planting close together with species that attract predatory insects or disguise vulnerable plants, the impact on crop species can be reduced, as pests are less likely to find their food plants.
- deterrents and barriers – many potential garden pests are sensitive to specific features. Slugs, for example, do not like copper piping or the sharp edges of eggshells, so surrounding plants with such materials may keep many species away. Other methods to keep pests away are plastic bottles and straw around the base of plants.

Install a bee box in your garden

You can get 15% off (£8.27 plus p&p, reduced from £9.73 plus p&p) this specially selected bee box as part of Plan Bee.

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Welcome bees into your garden by getting a bee box. This helps bees to shelter from the rain or from a sudden drop in temperature. Encouraging bees into your garden should also help your garden bloom. As part of Plan Bee, The Co-operative has teamed up with to give members a 15% discount on FSC-certified bee boxes – £8.19 (reduced from £9.64, plus p&p). Encouraging native bees into the garden with a bee box should help you garden bloom. This novel bee box is made out of FSC-certified wood, has a metal-pitched roof and is packed with pieces of bamboo that provide the ideal nesting site. NB: The 'solitary' bee species that use these nests won't swarm and don't sting.