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SOS for Honeybees

In July 2009, the Annual General Meeting of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes voted almost unanimously to pass the ‘SOS for Honeybees’ resolution.  Since then, WIs up and down the country have been raising awareness at summer fetes, village fairs and elsewhere within their communities about the issues facing honeybees.  Members are aware of the crisis that is facing us, and desperately want to inspire others in their local area to get involved and take some action.

All members are being encouraged to plant bee-friendly plants in their gardens or window boxes – something that absolutely anyone can get involved in – as well as talk to their local authority about the kinds of flower and plant mixes which they use.  If public spaces can become a haven of diversity, perhaps we can help to make honeybees up and down the country more resilient to diseases and pests.

In the last week of October, WI members will be taking part in our Bee Aware Action Week, when they commit to spending one day eating only products pollinated by honeybees.  You might think this would be an incredibly boring day, but you would be wrong!  Bees pollinate a huge variety of different plants, without which our diets would be very dull indeed – I am thoroughly looking forward to my Bee Aware day!

I really hope that the Vanishing of the Bees will help to spread the message to new audiences about the challenges faced by the honeybee and how important it really is to our future.

You can find out more information about the NFWI’s campaign ‘SOS for Honeybees’ here:

Ruth Bond | NFWI Chair