Vanishing of the Bees Film The co-operative presents,
as part of
Plan BEE

Tipping Point


If you could imagine your food cupboard / plate / picnic without the things that rely on bees to pollinate them...then you would have a sad half-empty cupboard/plate/ picnic...

We need bees that much.  and if you are an urbanised soul, then you may not quite realise that, without bees - those small little things that you pay no attention to - our food chain is in trouble....

Bees are in a critical state of emergency - which means we are too.  If we don’t get to the bottom of how and why this is happening and then take all the measures necessary to address it, we can kiss goodbye to the bee - and all that it does for us.

VANISHING OF THE BEES will make a vital contribution to raising awareness on all these issues.  Like the film, Tipping Point Film Fund – a newly launched organisation – is supported by The Co-operative. We are generating a new fund drawn from donations by the public to support mainstream, cinematic social action feature documentaries that tell us stories we need to know about and act upon.  We believe in the power of people and film to make change through 'giving, watching, campaigning'.  See our short trailer at:


Deborah Burton, Tipping Point Film Fund