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Pif Paf

Pif-Paf's HONEY It all started three years ago when we were making two sculptures in a park in Kersal in Salford and decided to make one of a bee with an accompanying poem. This was when Colony Collapse Disorder was just starting to hit the news. At the time we were also touring a show called "The Extinct Animal Troupe" a spoof scientific carnival curiosity show, the sting in the tale being that all the unbelievable animals and their clumsy man-made extinctions are true, so our ears pricked up.

Our brand of theatre is aimed at making people look afresh at things they take for granted, if you study bees then you can't help but be drawn into most of the natural systems and cycles that keep nature (and us) ticking over. What we like most about bees isn't the Disney-fied "look how cute they are, aren't they like little people", it's their complete alien-ness to us. They communicate by smell, they carry a whole tool shed with them, and they’ve got ears in their knees! We are brought up to think that using tools is what puts man on his pedestal, but bees are so highly evolved they're like little flying tool sheds, offices, ambulances, tractors, midwives! Bees are great, not everyone loves them, but everyone is interested in them. They are much, much cleverer than us; they don't invent things because they don't need to!

We've been touring our show HONEY for two years now, changing and updating it as we go. We've realised that bees face many problems, which we don’t go into in the show. Instead, we get people inspired about bees, lighting imaginations so people can go out in to the world (armed with some wildflower seeds) and do something to make a difference.

HONEY is still touring with support from the Co-operative's Plan Bee in Autumn (in its bee cart format), and the full show will be back on the road in Spring, all dates will be on our website We look forward to seeing you in Bee REALITYYYYYYYYY...